Sunny day at Scarborough Bluffs

Let’s go on a picnic! Scarborough Bluffs is a great spot to visit this season.Many people come and enjoy […]

ED’s Real Scoop

Visiting one of the popular ice cream shop at Leslieville, ED’s Real Scoop. My favorite flavor is Burnt […]

EBISU On Queen (Restaurant)

Insane! FUJISAN RAMEN has arrived in Toronto, EBISU on Queen!! Japanese restaurant EBISU on Queen is now servi […]


April 17-22, 2017 100 designers and artists, 50 shows, 5 days FASHION ART TORONTO

High Park Cherry blossoms full bloom! 360 Panorama Video

High Park Cherry blossoms full bloom! 360 Panorama Video!

How to ride a bicycle in Toronto

Ride a bike in Toronto! I introduce that how to ride a bicycle in Canada! You can get a good time and save mon […]

Watch “Sailor moon R” in Toronto

Sailor moon R (Japanese anime) I went to a Cineplex for watching movie of Sailor moon R. I was so surprised th […]

Dog sledding at Yellowknife

Great activity in Yellowknife! Dog sledding at Yellowknife with Becks Kennels! Becks Kennels […]

It’s not just a records store!! Sonic Boom!!

I share with you guys my favorite store!!! Even If I don’t have any purpose I would be enjoy there. 私の大好 […]

Luxury Steakhouse- COPACABANA

Brazilian Steakhouse I went to a luxury restaurant called Copacabana. There is best known for delicias steaks. […]

Pillow Fight in NY

April 1st was International Pillow Fight day! 毎年4月の第1土曜日に世界各地で開催されるピローファイト!今回はニューヨークで行われたピローファイトに参戦してきました。 大人も […]