Stand-up sushi restaurant – Tachi

The first stand-up sushi restaurant in Toronto!- Tachi They have only one menu, so you don’t have to thi […]

ZEN Japanese Restaurant

EPIC SUSHI LUNCH at ZEN Why don’t you have such a great sushi lunch? Zen Japanese Restaurant http://zenj […]

Koyoi Restaurant & Bar starts their lunch menu!

Koyoi Restaurant & Bar starts their lunch menu! Last year they had many requests asking whether they will […]

This is EDOMAE! Chirashi Zushi

Best fresh Chirashi zushi ever! Have you had Edomae-chirashi zushi? Try it at Zen Japanese Restaurant. Zen Jap […]

Taste of Japan! Uncle Tetsu’s Matcha Cheesecake

Japanese cheesecake meets Japanese matcha tea! Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake http://uncletetsu-ca.com/

Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto – Japanese Traditional Cuisine

Please enjoy by looking at the beautiful presentation, and then by eating. “Kaiseki” is a traditio […]

Guu Izakaya – Looking for good Ramen??

Guu Izakaya Toronto Are you looking for a good ramen? Here you go with the authentic Japanese ramen from Guu I […]

Guu Izakaya – Try their fresh assorted Sashimi plate!

Guu Izakaya Toronto Sashimi and Sake are the greatest Japanese combination ever. Try their fresh assorted Sash […]

Guu Izakaya – the best choice of stir fried noodles!

Guu Izakaya Toronto Look at the flame in the pan! “Beef Yaki Udon” by Guu Izakaya Toronto is the b […]

RYUS Noodle Bar is now open at Broadview!

RYUS Noodle Bar is now open at Broadview! They have many choices of ramen. You’ll definitely love it! RY […]

PABLO – Japanese Cheese Tarts in Toronto

“PABLO” The best cheese tarts in Japan! PABLO is the revolution of cheese tarts! Japanese cheese t […]

Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake at Unionville

The world famous cheesecakes arrived at Unionville! Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake http://uncletetsu- […]