Guu Izakaya – the best choice of stir fried noodles!

Guu Izakaya Toronto Look at the flame in the pan! “Beef Yaki Udon” by Guu Izakaya Toronto is the b […]

Guu Izakaya – Try their fresh assorted Sashimi plate!

Guu Izakaya Toronto Sashimi and Sake are the greatest Japanese combination ever. Try their fresh assorted Sash […]

Guu Izakaya – Looking for good Ramen??

Guu Izakaya Toronto Are you looking for a good ramen? Here you go with the authentic Japanese ramen from Guu I […]

Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto – Japanese Traditional Cuisine

Please enjoy by looking at the beautiful presentation, and then by eating. “Kaiseki” is a traditio […]

Square Sushi, Sushi Bowl and Roll in Toronto

Too cute to eat!! SQUARE FISH-Square Sushi “Square Fish” is located near Queen street West and Spa […]

Square Fish – Doshi- Have you ever seen sushi like this?

Have you ever seen sushi like this? SQUARE FISH-DOSHI “Square Fish” is located near Queen street W […]

Sweetery Toronto Food Festival

Everybody loves sweets! Sweetery Toronto Food Festival There are so many food festivals in Toronto. If you hav […]

Asian festival in Toronto! Waterfront Night Market

Waterfront Night Market – Do you like pan-asian foods? This hot anual event is coming again this summer! […]

Taste of Japan! Uncle Tetsu’s Matcha Cheesecake

Japanese cheesecake meets Japanese matcha tea! Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake

This is EDOMAE! Chirashi Zushi

Best fresh Chirashi zushi ever! Have you had Edomae-chirashi zushi? Try it at Zen Japanese Restaurant. Zen Jap […]

Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake at Unionville

The world famous cheesecakes arrived at Unionville! Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake http://uncletetsu- […]

ZEN Japanese Restaurant

EPIC SUSHI LUNCH at ZEN Why don’t you have such a great sushi lunch? Zen Japanese Restaurant http://zenj […]