[STORIES] Chihiro: Musician

“I hope I could live life doing something that I want to do.” Introduction of “Chihiro” who is a m […]

[STORIES] Holhy: Artist/Designer

“I think what I felt to have the most impact just turned out to be mystical.” Holhy is a globally active Japan […]

[STORIES] Mikuro Mika: J-POP Singer-Songwriter

“Being diagnosed with cancer gave me a chance to think about how short life can be.” トロントで活動するシンガーソングライター、ミクロミ […]

[STORIES] Sena Suzuki: Japanese Ice Hockey Player

“Why would not see a single hockey game when you visit Canada?” Introduction of “Sena Suzuki […]

[STORIES] Wataru Yonezawa: Awaodori Performer/Producer

Do you think awa-odori is being something cool? Wataru Yonezawa is the performer and producer of Takarabune th […]

Annex Photo Concept by Fujifilm

Make your life colourful!! Annex Photo Concept by Fujifilm Do you usually print your photos? “Annex Phot […]

Asian festival in Toronto! Waterfront Night Market

Waterfront Night Market – Do you like pan-asian foods? This hot anual event is coming again this summer! […]

Biltmore Furniture in the Distillery District

Fashionable Furniture Shop in the Distillery District I found fashionable shop called Biltmore Furniture in di […]

Brunch at The Donlands Diner!

50’s styled, traditional diner Had brunch at my favorite diner! It’s the best way to start a lazy […]


I went to Cafe Pamenar. It is one of the place I recommend in Toronto. CAFE PAMENAR 307 Augusta Ave, Toronto, […]

Caravan at George Brown College!

Celebrate our nationalities! I performed at George brown college as a special guest singer. Today I share with […]