Dim Sum Restaurant – Rol San

Popular Dim Sum Restaurant in Toronto I went to very popular Dim sum restaurant called “Rol San Restaurant” Th […]

Taste of Japan! Uncle Tetsu’s Matcha Cheesecake

Japanese cheesecake meets Japanese matcha tea! Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake http://uncletetsu-ca.com/

Brunch at The Donlands Diner!

50’s styled, traditional diner Had brunch at my favorite diner! It’s the best way to start a lazy […]

Happy Halloween in Toronto!!

Happy Halloween! ハロウィンは、トロントでも大盛り上がり。31日の夜にはChurch Streetに仮装をした人たちが大集合して、踊ったり歌ったり思い思いに楽しんでいました♪私もメイドさんに仮装して、ゾン […]

EBISU On Queen (Restaurant)

Insane! FUJISAN RAMEN has arrived in Toronto, EBISU on Queen!! Japanese restaurant EBISU on Queen is now servi […]

Asian festival in Toronto! Waterfront Night Market

Waterfront Night Market – Do you like pan-asian foods? This hot anual event is coming again this summer! […]


I went to Cafe Pamenar. It is one of the place I recommend in Toronto. CAFE PAMENAR 307 Augusta Ave, Toronto, […]

USATO in Kensington Market

I’m sharing with you my favorite place in Kensington market which called “USATO”. There’s almost clothes […]